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Adam Paul Green, VP Sales, Wasatch Labs
Lab Address: 427 West 11950 South, Draper, UT 84020
e: ops@WasatchContractManufacturing.com
c: 801-809-7766

OVERVIEW:  Wasatch is a premium, Liquid-ONLY Contract Manufacturer (or Co-Packer) based in beautiful Draper, Utah.  Established in 1998, Wasatch uniquely caters to a wide variety of customers: from band new start-ups to industry giants.  Both MLM and traditional clients enjoy Wasatch’s unprecedented formulating and high-tech manufacturing expertise.  *Standard MOQ (Minimum-Order-Quantity): 10,000 units.

~ Wasatch Core Competencies:

Cosmeceutical Skin Care, Hair Care and Dental Care (Anti-Aging / Neuro-Peptides / Custom Liposomes)
Stem-Cell Technology (Plant-based) along with Skin Treatments (Intimacy, Sanitation, “Plumping” Products)
OTC Products (Sanitizers, Sun Screens, Wound Healing, etc.)
Liquid-Nutritionals and Juices (http://WasatchContractManufacturing.com)
ADVANTAGES:  Every project that Wasatch formulates and/or manufactures is a 100% completely-unique.  We do not have a product-line of our own.  We do not sell any product; Wasatch only manufactures for our valued clients.  Thus, every Wasatch project is 100% unique-and-different from every other project.  Additionally, Wasatch does not have ‘stock formulas’ that we market and sell to multiple customers.  Our distinct competitive advantage over all the other ‘common manufactures’ is our ability to provide complete uniqueness for our clientele.

AUTHENTICITY:  With unmatched technical expertise, innovative cutting-edge equipment and experienced regulatory knowledge, Wasatch maintains a demonstrated record with the FDA as well as with its customers; many of whom have sourced with Wasatch for over 15 years.  The Wasatch is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

~ Wasatch Certifications:             FDA Registered                                 Halal Certified                  NSF Certified                    
                                                                OTC (Drug) Registered                   ATF Registered                  NSF-Sport Certified

Wasatch’s extensive Research-and-Development Department is unprecedented with two (2) Master Formulators each with 25+ years’ experience not only formulating anti-aging products but also manufacturing said products. This unique blend of formulating knowledge, coupled with premium ingredient sourcing and practical manufacturing-experience is unmatched in the industry.  Wasatch R&D Department also has over a dozen other Lab-Tech support-staff.  Wasatch can provide our customers in-house International Compliance Resources (ICR).  Again, this makes Wasatch one-of-a-kind!

Our sister company, Casepak (LINK), independently offers clients complete turnkey-packaging engineering, packaging component manufacture and packaging warehousing along with ‘Toll Work’ offerings and in-house ‘Fulfillment Services.’

ADVANTAGES:  Another core-advantage with is our ability to research and utilize new-and-emerging technology that is accompanied by real, proven Clinical-Testing and solid Case-Studies.  Wasatch assists our customers by providing that proprietary, clinical information to use on Packaging, Marketing and Online purposes (i.e. for claims).  With chemical ingredient purchases surging over $45,000,000+ annually, for decades Wasatch has established strong, personal relationships with all the top ‘Bio-Tech’ ingredient developers across the globe (especially in Germany and France).

Think of Wasatch Labs when you are considering utilizing a secondary Contract Manufacturer for your existing products or perhaps enlist the renowned experts at Wasatch to help you develop new, never-been-seen-before products!  Achieve the success you deserve.

*Pill / Powder Manufacturing-Referral Available Upon Request.
*Standard MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 10,000 units.                        
     (115 kilo Pilot-Batches are a Possible Solution for Smaller Quantities)

*R&D Fees Start at: $2,500 per project.                

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