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What is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is a speed-focussed virtual private network service with endpoints in 63 countries and two different paid-for subscription tiers. It’s historically been particularly good for US endpoints and supports a wide range of devices and operating systems.

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VyprVPN – Features and usability

VyprVPN has a clean and simple client that will by default connect you to the fastest available server, and which shows a traffic and speed graph so you can get an idea of how your connection is performing at a glance. You can also connect to your choice of geographical endpoint location and save favourite endpoints.

It includes are plenty of options available to help you tweak the VPN to your precise needs, including automatic connection on startup, automatic reconnection, and a kill switch to prevent any traffic from being sent over an unsecured internet connection. Other settings include your choice of connection protocol and – for Premium users – an obfuscated Chameleon mode that endeavours to hide the fact that you’re using a VPN, tailored for use in countries with restrictive national internet connections such as China.

Unlike some of its rivals, VyprVPN doesn’t focus on anonymity. Golden Frog provides no anonymous payment methods and the company carries out some logging in order to optimise its speed and performance. However, it is clear about its position regarding logging and security, owns all its own hardware at all endpoints, and is located in Switzerland, which has strong data protection and privacy laws.

Vypr has recently reduced its prices for UK users, making it less of an expensive proposition than it did last year. Although not cheap, with a standard 3-simultaneous-connection subscription priced at £43.50 for an annual subscription, it’s good value, with an excellent range of features.

For those that need it, its £57.50 per year Premium subscription – down from £57 per year – includes a cloud VPN server image that you can deploy to hosted servers on AWS, DigitalOcean and VirtualBox. A three-day free trial is available for both packages, so you can be sure they meet your needs.

VyprVPN – Performance

VyprVPN is certainly quick, although its performance in our 2018 tests didn’t quite match the blistering speeds we saw from it last year – remember that, as ever, individual VPN speed tests capture only a brief snapshot of performance at a specific time.

Vypr’s UK endpoints gave us speeds of 8.2MB/s (65.6Mbit/s) and connecting via its Dutch servers produced speeds of 9.1MB/s (72.8Mbit/s) in our reference file transfers. We saw a comparatively quick 3MB/s (24Mbit/s) from its US endpoints, although TunnelBear and Private Internet Access were both faster this time around.

We were unable to use Netflix or BBC iPlayer streaming video services from any of the endpoints we tested.

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Why buy VyprVPN?

While VyprVPN doesn’t provide a no-logging service, it’s very transparent about its activities, which include some logging to optimise speed and performance. Although this year’s performance figures aren’t as fast as the last time we tested it, it’s still one of the fastest providers around.

VyprVPN provides dedicated apps for a huge range of platforms, from Windows, macOS and Linux desktop PCs to smartphones, routers and NAS devices. Golden Frog also provides extensive documentation for correctly using its VPN service in a variety of scenarios.

However, Golden Frog isn’t trying to compete with aggressive pricing, making VyprVPN comparatively expensive.

Get VyprVPN here.


If region-shifted streaming isn’t a priority, VyprVPN provides a fast, stable connection and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a VPN provider. However, Private Internet Access is faster and costs less.

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