Velocity Projections Supergirl

Look Up In The Sky its a bird, its a plane no it’s National Experiential running a Velocity Projection Campaign for CBS TV’s newest Superhero SUPERGIRL! The CBS Television Network wanted to target the 200,000 or so attendees at Comic Con New York as well as the millions of people that live work and play in New York City. This three night campaign saturated the entire city with the SUPERGIRL brand and turned heads everywhere! Coverage on the local Television News Station also didn’t hurt one bit. SUPERGIRL the TV show debuts Monday Night October 26th, 2015 on CBS TV.

Over the years National Experiential has run Velocity Projection campaigns for Target, Ford, A&E TV, 20th Century Fox Studios, The NHL, Led Zeppelin, Telemundo and quite a few other global brands. The premise behind the technology is simple, the speed of the vehicle causes change in the image projected on the wall. There is no human interface between car, proprietary software and the projector. So when the vehicle changes speeds, the image changes. When we are at a full stop or within a certain low miles per hour range, a static image appears. The amazing photo realistic content from CBS really made this campaign pop off the walls as we traveled through the city.

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