ThinkGeek Retro Handset Goes Bluetooth

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Telephone users of a certain age will usually concede that new communications technologies like cell phones, wireless handsets, headsets, and speakerphones have generally made communication easier than using those old-style, clunky handsets and coiled phone cords. But those same folks are likely to note something else: it was sure easier to hold one of those big handsets than it is to keep a grip on some of these barely-there newfangled phones.

The folks at ThinkGeek must have been thinking the same thing—or, at least, thinking about something—when they rolled out their USB Retro Handset. Yes, that’s right: it’s a giant handset which could pass for Pentagon Standard Issue from the 1960s, complete with coiled cord. The catch? It’s compatible with with modern cell phones, so you can lug around a huge handset while taking advantage of all your cell plans’ top features.

Now, ThinkGeek has taken the idea one step further with their Bluetooth Retro Handset. That’s right: all the bulk and ease-of-use of an old-style phone handset without the coily cord! The unit works with Bluetooth 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, operates up to 30 feet away from your cell phone or computer, and the handset’s battery charges via USB. And it’s sure to raise eyebrows: “Now people will think you’re really crazy talking into a old-time handset connected to…nothing.” We couldn’t agree more.

The Bluetooth Retro Handset is available now via ThinkGeek for $39.99. Now if only they’s start selling those old-time clamp-on neck-saving shoulder extension thingies so you can talk on the phone while folding laundry.

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