ORU Marketplace & You – ORU “One Race United” We are more than just a community of Like Minded Persons!

Welcome Thank you for your time and consideration – After you watch video…we can answer questions..you can do your own due diligence – and make sure you are watching videos by ORU Advocates and or Orutopian’s Premium Members. (Our Registration link is http://bit.ly/orumarketplace)

Our Mission at UCN Biz Group and our divisions has always been one of “Increasing your Personal & PRofessional Well Being through Networking & Marketing & Social Integration; with that said our 6- tenets (see at UCNBizGroup.com) Commitment, Consistency & Collaboration lead to Visibility, Credibility & Sustainable Profitability – personally and professionally if applied daily.
So when we were presented to look and consider ORU Market Place and ORU Social Community (“One Race United”) we were curious and cautious. We were not willing to look at any traditional networking, mlm or affiliate programs. “WE WERE GLAD TO REALIZE AND READ THE FAQ’S AND FOUND THAT ORU is NOT THAT by any means. (Detailed in FAQ #23 – write us for the PDF or visit our website at www.ORUSeattle.us )
ORU – it is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology network that offers one-stop global social sharing, travel, healthcare, communication, financial, trade and marketing software tools to its members. The network was founded to offer its members and subscribers a wide range of tools to succeed in commerce and in life.
Membership is extended for a small monthly fee of $5.95. ( One time enrollment of $25 U.S)
So Please watch this short video with an open mind and gain a vision – and then if you want further information write us at bk2market@ gmail.com – We will then forward you the FAQ’s, Terms and Conditions and many other source videos from ORU for you to make an informed decision. We joined because it not only provides deep, rich rewarding tools , but gave us a way for us to transfer and accept funds from our circle of influence with little or no cost per transaction. This was worth the 25 dollar sign up fee and monthly 6 dollar subscription. To think for .19 cents a day, I can have a very powerful Merchant System that benefits us in many ways.

Please note: THIS INFORMATION BELOW IS PROVIDED as a courtesy BY UCN BIZ GROUP MARKETING (Division of Uptown Coffee News, LLC) we also operate as a dba in the USA / Washington State as UCN Biz Group & SeaTac Credit Repair & Restoration. UCN Biz Group Marketing / 5001 Parker Rd. East, Sumner, Washington 98390 / www.UCNBizGroup.com / www.SeatacCreditRepair.com / 253.863.6619 / 253.886.1768 (Text or Phone messaging bk2market@gmail.com / brian@seataccreditrepair.info
WE ARE ORU ADVOCATES. – Is ORU an MLM company? Absolutely it is not. Read – FAQ # 23.

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