Ignacio Valero: 3 Questions on Dividuality (2018)

Ignacio Valero has a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley and is an associate professor of humanities and sciences at the California College of the Arts, San Francisco, in the Graduate Fine Arts, Design, Critical Studies, and Diversity Studies Programs. He has formerly taught at UC Berkeley, the University of Florida, the University of Madrid Carlos III, University of the Andes and Xavier University of Colombia, and other universities. He continues to present work and lecture internationally. Valero’s current research interests include: affective capitalism and the shared economy, semiocapitalism and the knowledge economy, technology and the creative industries, the political economy and epistemology of the image, consumption, desire, social media, and the society of the spectacle; globalization, environmental sustainability, informal markets, social movements and the commons; and the aesthetic, philosophical, social, and cultural dimensions of “archaic modernity,” utopia and dystopia in science fiction, anime, gender, sexual difference, and pop consumer culture. Stemming from these interlocking issues, he has been researching and writing on innovation, ideology, and global neoliberalism, big data, fake news and post-truth media, populism & democracy, social ecology, biopolitical production, and aesthetics, art labor and gentrification, under his developing concepts of EcoDomics, the Aesthetic(s) of the Common(s), and the Emotariat. He is also interested in understanding practices leading to critical and creative pedagogies. Valero was formerly Dean of the School of Fine Arts at CCAC, Latin American Coordinator with the United Nations Environment Program’s International Center for Environmental Education, CIFCA at Madrid, Spain, and has also been an Environmental Policy Consultant with the United Nations Development Program, US AID, Colombia’s National Planning Department, and the Inter-American Development Bank. He was a Senior Research Associate with the Colombian Science Foundation, the first General Coordinator of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Eco-Development Pilot Project, Director of Planning and Deputy Director General of Colombia’s Environmental Protection Agency, and a member of the presidential environmental advisory council for the writing of the new Colombian constitution.

„Since I was graciously invited by Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer to be part of the Data Publics Team, as the 2017-2018 Professorial Research Fellow, of the Institute of Art and Design at TU Wien, and since I am still in the process of writing some pieces in connection with my team collaboration and my Viennese and European stay, I would greatly appreciate that the Data Publics would be given credit in connection with my contribution to your Exhibition, along of course with my own institution, the California College of the Arts, CCA at San Francisco.“

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