If The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air came out in 2019


Sun Squared Media

Hello, I am here to upset you and make you feel insanely old. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will be 30 years old in 2020. Let that sink in for a bit.

A fan-made film created by Sun Squared Media saved us the bother of trying to re-imagine what the show might look like in 2019 and… it’s actually kind of awesome. To make things clear, this is just a fan-made thing, it’s not official — but I would absolutely watch this show. 

It’s like a strange cross between Creed, The O.C. and Riverdale. All things that I absolutely love (except for season 2 of Riverdale — I have some standards.) It lacks the humour of the original, but that’s part of the joke here: that in 2019 all reboots are gritty. 

Regardless, maybe it is time to reboot the Fresh Prince. YouTube had success with the Cobra Kai show — why not bring back Carlton Banks? What’s he doing now that he’s deep into middle age? I have to know.

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