How to send your emails later with Google’s new Gmail scheduling tool

The new Gmail feature lets you schedule emails.

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You don’t want your email to get lost in the shuffle because you sent it too late at night or during the big game, and you don’t want to be the jerk sending work email on a Saturday. Luckily, Gmail’s newest feature lets you schedule emails to send when you want them to, without having to save it as a draft you then have to remember to send. As of right now, you can schedule emails up to 49 years in advance.

Scheduling Gmail messages will work from your personal and corporate accounts.

Gmail launched this feature on its fifteenth birthday, April 1, but it hasn’t arrived in everyone’s email account just yet. Once it’s been pushed to you — and that’s just the luck of the draw — you’ll have to refresh the page to see it kick in. When it does, you’ll see an arrow by the send button in the browser or the stacked three dots in the app.

Here’s how to get started.

From Gmail in your browser


Select Schedule send from the dropdown arrow.

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When you’re done composing your email and you’re ready to schedule it:

Step 1: Locate the dropdown arrow near the send button.

Step 2: Click the arrow and then click “Schedule send.”

Step 3: A menu will appear that lets you can choose the date and time you would like the email to be sent.

Step 4: Select the time and click Schedule send. A message box will appear in the bottom left corner that says “Send scheduled for…” where you can hit undo if you’ve made a mistake or view the message.

From the Gmail app on your phone or tablet


Schedule a date and time to send an email.

Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive

Stacked three dots

From your mobile phone, locate the three stacked dots.

Screenshot by Katie Conner/CBS Interactive

Step 1: If you’re using the Gmail app to send an email, locate the stacked three dots in the upper-right-hand side.

Step 2: Tap the dots and select “Schedule send.”

Step 3: From there, a menu will appear and you can add the date and time of your send.

Step 4: Click Schedule send. A message box will appear in the bottom-left corner that says “Send scheduled for…”. You can undo the action or view your message.

What if I need to update or delete the email?

If you decide you don’t want to send the email after all, you can still delete it as long as you get to it before the scheduled time. 

Simply click on Scheduled on the main menu, choose the email you would like to delete, and select “Cancel send.”

If you need to update the time or date that the email is scheduled to send, cancel the email. A draft will appear where you can edit the content of the email and repeat the steps listed above.

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