Fortnite Save the World driftboards disabled due to glitches

Driftboards, which were recently added to Fortnite by developer Epic Games, caused a lot chaos in the game’s Save the World mode due to various glitches, resulting in the removal of the

In Fortnite‘s more popular Battle Royale mode, players have started to grow accustomed to Driftboards as a mobility option, allowing them to quickly move around the map. Driftboards also arrived to the Save the World mode in Fortnite update 7.40, but some players are wishing that they never did.

While they have become important tools in Battle Royale, Driftboards have provided more confusion than convenience in Save the World. One of the major bugs that players have experienced with the Driftboard is that they can launch players off the map, which happens when players attack the Driftboard before getting on, or if players are hit by enemies while riding it. Sometimes, the Driftboard will fling the player up into the sky.

In addition to sending players to a soaring death, the Driftboard has also been discovered to make A.I. turrets malfunction and block access to Storm Chests. Players have also found that by simply standing on the Driftboard, they will not be tagged by the game as AFK.

Epic Games responded to the flood of backlash against the addition of the Driftboard into Fortnite Save the World, giving in to what players wanted the studio to do to the glitchy ride.

It is currently unclear how long Driftboards will be unavailable in Save the World, or if this is a permanent removal. For now, players are likely just happy to restore sense to the Fortnite game mode, with no more instances of the bugs that Twitter user HenryAlcant shared in reply to the announcement.

A big change recently arrived to Fortnite‘s Save the World when V-Buck Llamas became X-Ray Llamas. The change made it possible for players to look at what loot boxes contained before buying them eliminating the randomness that likened loot boxes to gambling.

Epic Games, however, is likely currently focused on improvements for Fortnite’s more popular Battle Royale mode, due to the surprising challenge from Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

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