Desperados Deep House – Newsflash

Desperados submerges party in world’s deepest pool for multi-sensory stunt.

Desperados, HEINEKEN’S tequila flavoured beer brand, has once again pushed the boundaries of wild experimentation in parties by turning the world’s deepest pool into a dance floor – for the first time ever!

Teaming up with iconic party producer Elrow and world-renowned DJs Peggy Gou and Artwork, Desperados created ‘Deep House’, an epic party in the Y-40 Deep Joy Pool in Venice, the deepest pool in the world, reaching an impressive depth of 42 metres and holding a staggering 4300 cubic metres of water.

Deep House saw over 400 fans attend the multi-sensory experience. Partygoers wore cutting-edge SeaTREK diving technology to hear the music in high definition and took the party underwater to find their own dance floor. Performing live from an underwater viewing tunnel, award-winning Berlin-based artist Peggy Gou, and London producer and DJ, Artwork, brought their world-class beats to submerged partiers, through a sub aqua sound system.

We followed up by a global video released the next day, reaching international news channels around the world and being widely shared on social media.

The full suite of assets will be launched 12th October.

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