Best Moto G7 Cases to Safeguard Your Smartphone

The Moto G7 is an impressive release that’s sure to stake a claim as one of the best budget phones around, but the combination of a 6.2-inch display with a teardrop notch, glass curves, and a protruding camera module is a potentially dangerous one if you should drop your phone. That’s why you need to shop for one of the best Moto G7 cases and we have you covered right here.

Olixar Attache Case

Olixar Attache Case for Moto G7

To make this basic TPU shell more interesting the manufacturer has added a leather effect finish on the back. It gives the phone a retro camera feel. There are accurate cutouts for the camera, fingerprint sensor, and ports, and decent button covers that stick out. It’s a flexible material with a rim around the screen that extends to protect it and reinforced corners that bear the brunt of any impact.

Avidet Carbon Fiber Case

Avidet Carbon Fiber Case for Moto G7

The great thing about this flexible, TPU case is the low price. It’s a typical malleable shell finished with a brushed effect on the back and carbon fiber-style panels top and bottom. All the openings you need are present and correct and it’s very easy to fit. There’s a raised lip to safeguard the screen and it should take the sting out of minor drops and bumps.

Cimo Matte Case

Cimo Matte Case for Moto G7

They don’t come much simpler than this basic TPU case for the Moto G7 from Cimo. It has a matte finish with a texture that makes it easy to grip. It’s very slim, but there is a raised edge around the screen to help protect it. The cutouts are precise, with generous openings for the ports, camera, and fingerprint sensor. There are also slim button covers. This basic case comes in gray or black and it could be ideal if you’re not a fan of loud designs or logos.

Vinve Slim Case

Vinve Slim Case for Moto G7

This case combines a flexible TPU bumper with a hard polycarbonate back panel that features peach blossom art. It’s a tried-and-true combination for basic protection. The back is raised slightly to protect the polycarbonate from scratches and the corners are reinforced to guard against drop damage. The cutouts are where you need them and there are basic button covers.

Tudia Merge Case

Tudia Merge Case for Moto G7

This dual layer case is fairly rugged, so your Moto G7 should survive a fall if it’s wearing this. There are also ridges on the outer polycarbonate layer to enhance your grip and the TPU inner extends around the screen to prevent it from touching down on the ground. The cutouts are accurate, so you shouldn’t have any issues using the camera or plugging in to charge, and there are pronounced and clearly marked button covers. The inner is black and the outer layer comes in black, mint, gray, or rose gold.

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