Apple has a right to charge for space in its digital malls

Apple’s competitors appear to be focusing their energies on undermining the 30% business model that supports its services, with Spotify and others arguing that Apple is taking too much cash and limiting competition.

This isn’t just about music

Think about it and it should be pretty clear this isn’t all about the music.

After all, Apple pays higher music streaming artist royalties than its competitors and is not arguing that those royalties be cut.

Apple also creates the technologies musicians can use to create, distribute, publish and popularize music – competitors just offer digital stores where they try to profit for the work creatives have done, and that’s the end of it.

All the same, arguments that Apple should allow third-parties choosing to offer services to its huge, loyal customer base access to that market at no cost have little weight — you really should compare this to the supermarket retail industry rather than any notional ethic based on phrases so open to distortion such as “fairness”.

Does anyone out there recall Steve Jobs’ reaction to something called ‘FairPlay’?

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