A new lantern for Nótt: changing colour with a button press

On 16th November 2018, Frolicked’s fantastical puppet Nótt made her first appearance in Doncaster at the brand new DN Festival of Light.

Nótt is a moon-carrying, fortune-telling personification of the night sky. She is the Norse night goddess and comes chaperoned by a pair of enchanted companions: a talking crow perched on an enchanted tree.

Frolicked’s version of Nótt is a spectacular walking puppet sculpture – a moon-bearing, rune-casting, lantern-carrying fortune-teller, who enchants her audiences with the lightning in her cloud of hair, the starlight on her costume, and the gentle sway of the orb she dutifully carries on her head.

You can find out more about the show here: https://frolicked.co.uk/portfolio/nott/

As part of DN Festival of Light, Frolicked was invited to perform an enhanced version of our existing Nótt performance, using new technology to provide a magical, light-based surprise for our Doncaster audience. Our proposal for the event included the integration of lighting more fully embedded into our tree costume, and the really clever bit… making a new lantern for Nótt that would react to input from social media (i.e. Twitter). Using a hashtag and an audience member’s colour request, Nótt’s lantern would change to the relevant colour with each tweet.

This video shows how we can change the colour of Nótt’s lantern with the press of a button!

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