8 Android accessibility features that’ll enhance any phone

Accessibility in our age of mobile technology is a pretty incredible thing. I mean, think about it: These powerful little computers we carry around in our pockets have the potential to open up all sorts of futuristic possibilities for folks with issues like impaired hearing or limited vision. And in the grand scheme of things, such possibilities are far more transformative than any random phone feature we use to organize our lives or save ourselves a few seconds here and there.

Here’s the cool part, though: Those two areas don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Some of Android’s most interesting accessibility options, in fact, are poised both to help those who truly need them and to be handy beyond their primary purposes in a way that can benefit anyone. They work for accessibility, sure, but they can also be valuable for far more mundane productivity gains.

Take a few minutes to explore some of these out-of-the-way features and see if any of them might bring a useful boost to your work routine.

1. Advanced voice control for your Android phone

Android has long had commendable systems for controlling your phone by voice, but a widely available accessibility service can take things even further and let you do anything on your phone simply by speaking a command. It’s called Voice Access, and all you need to do is download Google’s official Voice Access app to get it on your device and give it a whirl.

When you first run the Voice Access app, it’ll walk you through some quick initial setup stuff — granting the necessary permissions, turning on a few settings to make sure things work the way they should, and so on. Once it’s up and running, Voice Access will show visible numbers next to every tappable function on your screen whenever it’s active.

Android Accessibility Features: Voice AccessJR

You can then select any function by saying the number associated with it — which could certainly come in handy if your hands are busy, damp, covered in a suspiciously frothy blue foam, or whatever the case may be.

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