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 Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake CPUs (which you’ll find in 2-in-1 devices like the HP Spectre X360 and clamshell laptops such as the HP Envy) offer a ton of benefits, with arguably one of the best ones being that the chip is compatible with Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest Wi-Fi standard out there, and with each passing day more and more locations are upgrading their routers to support Wi-Fi 6 devices. But just what does Wi-Fi 6 bring to the table, anyway? Here are six great ways that Wi-Fi 6 can and will improve your experience with web browsing and beyond.

Better raw speeds

Right out of the gate, the most noticeable benefit that Wi-Fi 6 will provide to users is a sizable increase in throughput speeds between a device and the network it’s connected to. Specifically, according to Intel, users will potentially see a peak increase of 40 percent with Wi-Fi 6 compared to the previous Wi-Fi standard. Users will be able to feel this increase all the time during usage, and people who like to stream video in particular will love the boost to speed, as it will significantly increase stream stability.

Increased network stability

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